Good Days

I had an Audible credit burning a hole in my pocket, so I was looking around for something to buy.  I hit on Good Poems edited and read by Garrison Keillor.  Not a new-to-me title.  I took a cassette version of this collection with me to Suriname.  I was hoping to recreate The Writer’s Almanac even though I lived in the middle of the rainforest with no electricity.

good-poemsIn the brief introduction, Garrison says that reading poems on the radio is not the same thing as a poetry reading.

People listen to poems while they’re frying eggs and sausage and reading the paper and reasoning with their offspring.

Radio poems sound a lot like homeschooling.  There’s a house full of distractions competing for attention.  It’s hard to create and sustain the ideal learning environment.  But Garrison continues, talking about the rare times when a poem really does connect with a listener, sometimes a listener actually hears a poem.

Sometimes a poem cuts through the static and delivers some good thing.

And that seems like a really good thing to remember at the start of a new school year. Not every poem is going to connect; not every lesson will transform.  Some days we just show up like Garrison Keillor.  We note the day’s significant facts, read a poem, and call it a day.

A good day.

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