The Wonder Project

For the sublime and the beautiful and the interesting,

you don’t have to look far away, you have to know how to see.

–Hedda Sterne

The Wonder ProjectEven on the best of days, life can feel like a constant rush to finish the to-do list before collapsing into bed.

The days fly by, and sometimes I’m left wanting.  I want a life aware of deeper rhythms, receptive to everyday beauty.

Wonder–our capacity for delight–opens us to the possibility of beauty and grace.

In her book Poemcrazy, Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge says that,

“it’s impossible to teach anyone to write a poem.  But we can set up circumstances in which poems are likely to happen.”

Join me this month as we explore the circumstances that make wonder likely happen.

These simple practices sustain a heart tuned to sing praise.




  1. “These simple practices sustain a heart tuned to sing praise.”

    Yes! This! I cannot wait to read more!

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