The Wonder Project :: A Sabbath Project

For me, Sabbath isn’t just about what’s forbidden–computer use, work obligations–but what I’m freed to do.

The Wonder Project

Sabbath is the perfect time to create.  The space and quietude is generative.  Sabbath rest calls up a creative response within us.

Maybe it’s a few rounds of crochet, neocolors on an index card, contemplative photography–these are the forms I’m drawn to again and again.  For you it might be time in your journal or gluebooking (tonight is the October party! 5 pm Pacific over on Instagram).

I also work on a Soul Rest project--pairing a photograph that I’ve taken with a quote from something I’m reading.  Abbey, who writes at Surviving our Blessings, describes her contemplative photography like this.

Our cameras block out distractions, helping us notice the places in our ordinary lives that God is already at work. Creating images of the sacred places in our daily lives is a way of inviting Christ’s presence with intention. It’s pausing for a moment of reflection each day, even when things are busy. It is building community with others whose paths cross ours. It is holy work.

“The places in our ordinary lives…”  It’s not about exotoc locations or fancy vacations.  Rather, this practice calls us into awareness in the midst of our everyday vocations.

And then, “…God is already at work.”  Before I pause, before I notice, before I whisper thanks.  God is already at work.  This simple, meditative practice opens my heart to see the larger patterns and dive deep into the restorative grace that’s always available as a part of our Sabbath rest.

Read Exploring Soul Rest Through Art for more about the intersection of art and the spirit .



  1. I love the idea of exploring soul rest through art. I too, try to build in rest into my Sabbath. Our mornings are busy. My husband often leads worship which means I’m getting the kids out the door. Once home we have a simple lunch–sandwiches or leftover pizza from the night before. We both love the afternoons for a few hours of rest while the baby naps and the kids quietly play or watch something. We nap or read mostly.

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