The Wonder Project :: Create a Container

Alright, you’ve had a few days to think about ways to welcome a little more wonder in your life.  But practically speaking, how are you going to do it?  How is it going to become a reliable part of your routine rather than just another thing to feel guilty about?

The Wonder Project

Michael Nobbs from Sustainably Creative suggests creating a container, a reliable chunk of time where you can pursue your own project.  It doesn’t take much–maybe 20 minutes 3 times a week.  And yet the sustained practice in little bites really does add up.

You might begin by brainstorming a list of possible components of your project or even the little things that get in the way of wonder.  If you want to take photographs, do you need to make sure the batteries in the camera are working?  Would a few minutes of quiet in the morning while you drink your first cup of coffee help give you eyes to see the wonder in your everyday?  Is there a book that you can put on your nightstand as an invitation?

And then after you have the preliminaries in place, you can start to actually use the time for your project.  These next few weeks I’ll be sharing quick, accessible ideas that will help open you to the wonder that surrounds and sustains us.