The Wonder Project :: One Sentence

You’ve got 20 minutes…now what?

The Wonder Project

What on earth could you do to open your eyes to the wonder of your life?  Well, almost anything really!  But sometimes that can feel ever so slightly overwhelming.  Anything can quickly become nothing.

So start with one thing.  Start with one sentence.  Just a quick note about the day: sunshine or rain, quiet or busy, aware or overwhelmed.  You’ll be in very good company.

Just take note.



  1. For a long time I kept a journal that was maybe four sentences. : D
    I used a regular day planner which severely limits rambling with its small spaces. It was a good practice for me. I find myself referring to those journals more frequently then my long-writing journals to remember what happened when (first snowfall; when Uncle Bob came to visit; where we went to buy pumpkins two years ago; when we had the ‘flu; etc.). A small daily journal practice really helps to keep track of the “real” of life. Long-writing journals, which unleash our subconscious, our feelings and desires, tend to land us in the “unreal”. My long-writing journals are fun to look back on, too, but I am always astonished by what I wrote in a disconnected “did I really write this???” kind of way. 😀

    I’m loving your wonder project!

  2. I am still looking for the right place for my micro journals…maybe a planner would work. I love hearing about the history of your keeping, Sue. Thank you for your kind words. <3

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