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On the Feast of Stephen

Snowy trees and a rousing tune for this saint day!


Good King Wenceslas was our December hymn last year.  Though I knew the tune, the song was new to me.  We read this lovely version of the story and sang the song each day during Circle Time.  It really caught the imagination of our three year old.  He asked to sing it every day at nap time. So I have thankfully had lots of days to think on this story all through the year!

The most striking thing for me is right there in the title–a good king.  It’s really hard for me to imagine a good king.  Is it because I’m so rooted in the American mythology of tyrannical kings?  I love that the saint seems to know his own power.  He doesn’t tell the page to follow in his footsteps because the path would already be broken.  He says that those footprints will warm the page.

This year, we sang God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen because I wanted that simple refrain for the three year old to get to sing.  It didn’t catch on in the same way that Good King Wenceslas did.  But still, I wanted some comfort and joy!  You too?


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