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81 Good Things

Austin Kleon publishes 100 Things that made his year.  Here’s my 81 thing version!

  1. California: jacaranda, eucalyptus, the overcast mornings
  2. The view out this porthole in the Queen Mary
  3. Walking and talking with Greta…before she quite knew who I was
  4. Driving through the river with Kara
  5. Birthday trip to the beach
  6. Meeting Sarah…and the wonder of my job in general
  7. Joseph–the last baby–getting weaned
  8. Reading Annie Dillard
  9. Clarissa Pinkola Estes on audio
  10. Becoming a runner…and Helen–such an unexpected grace
  11. Rosary on audio
  12. Starting a co-op
  13. Being a 1st Round Cybils Poetry Judge
  14. Austin Kleon
  15. and that time he linked to Lori’s newsletter!
  16. Forging connections
  17. Creating Morning Time binders
  18. Movies on the big screen…especially Hal Hartley
  19. Haiku cards
  20. 15 Words or Less Poems
  21. Mandy Steward
  22. Kids who want to go to church during Advent
  23. Deer walking through the forest during church
  24. Eggnog lattes after church
  25. Fires and caroling and hot chocolate on the Solstice
  26. Fondu pots 
  27. Sleeping through the night
  28. Foster kittens
  29. Socks…the foster who stayed
  30. Really strong school rhythm
  31. Wild + Free…meet in Tennessee?
  32. My new birthday camera
  33. Contemplative photography
  34. The return of The Creative Mom Podcast!
  35. Force Awakens
  36. Reading James Schall
  37. Making oracle cards during ICAD
  38. Having a third student to plan for
  39. Laurie Anderson + Lou Reed
  40. Leonard
  41. Lynda Barry
  42. The Wonder Project
  43. Reading American history: Johnny Tremain, The Cabin Faced West, Benjamin West and his Cat Grimalkin, Courage of Sarah Noble
  44. Shakespeare in the Park: Tempest and Hamlet
  45. Joseph *seeing* Jesus on the cross
  46. Portland Art Museum
  47. Oregon Historical Society Museum
  48. Get One Thing Done and Sustainable Homeschooling
  49. Aperture Project
  50. Anya–our wonderful mother’s helper
  51. Listening to Sarah Williams lectures
  52. Louise Erdrich and the rabbit trail that she opened up
  53. The fox
  54. David Whyte
  55. Writing and receiving cards of love on Thanksgiving
  56. 100 Days of Soul Rest
  57. Picking fruit out on the Island
  58. Our library
  59. Silver Falls
  60. Enchanted Forest
  61. Taco Bell Drawing Club
  62. Contemplative coloring
  63. Laurie Blackwell
  64. Poetry Friday
  65. Setting the stage
  66. The Sacred Heart of Jesus
  67. Quiet homeschooling
  68. Just because we can days
  69. Wednesday with Words
  70. Tom Waits, John Baldessari, and Mabel
  71. Seasonal rhythms
  72. Homeschooling as Spiritual Formation
  73. The Found and the Lost
  74. Brian Doyle
  75. Ben Hatke and Ethel Pochocki
  76. The Shakespeare Book
  77. Out of the House of Bread
  78. Ramona and Henry on audio
  79. Patti Smith
  80. Ted Kooser
  81. Lucy Knisley


  1. I love your list! I’m going to visit every item on the list. I do this in my head and when I look around at my collage wall every day. Documented memories.

  2. So many great things on this list!
    That library photo…
    Ted Kooser…
    Patti Smith…
    quiet homeschooling…
    Ramona and Henry….

    So much good stuff. Made me happy. 🙂

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