Poetry Friday :: Peace Poems

Here’s a selection of the postcards that have made their way west so far…

I love how very American they are–Smokey the Bear and Mesa Verde, that general store and Charlie Harper.

The image in the middle is a peace snowflake sent by Irene Latham.  (She also sent me poems and treats in December as a part of Tabitha’s poetry exchange…I haven’t mentioned that yet because it deserves a really thoughtful response!) Here’s the poem that came with the snowflake:

Snowflake Speaks of Peace

to slow-dance
with my sisters

to whirl,
all night long

to sing
as we kiss
the world

and tumble

into soft heaps
and peaks
for sleeping.

So much to love here–the easy rhyme and the clear images spoken in the snowflake’s voice.  Irene is masterful in her ability to work from prompts (or props in this case) in an authentic and deep way.  But most I love the echos of that American great, Langston Hughes and The Negro Speaks of Rivers.

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  1. I would have liked to take that challenge, but was already doing another. Irene’s poem is indeed peaceful, that “tumbling into soft heaps and peaks”.

  2. I prefer these snowflakes of peace, rather than the insult of “snowflake” that is being hurled back and forth these days…

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