Sharing Kindness :: 52 Postcards

Came across the loveliest little exchange that I happened upon *just* in time.  A few times each year, Jennifer Belthoff hosts Love Notes.  It’s a postcard exchange between strangers.  Just put a kind, thoughtful word in the mail each week for the person you’re matched with.  I loved the energy and the joy of such exchanges.

But then I started thinking.  I’m writing and sending cards to someone I don’t know (Hi, Fran!).  But could I send cards to people I do know?  Why not send a card each week to a faraway friend, a mentor whose work has inspired me, or even my little brothers?   Why not!

And since we’re right here at the cusp of my new year, I could send cards for a full circle of the sun.  When I hit 44, I’ll have made a few more connections and hopefully created a spot of joy for other people.

The next round of Love Notes starts in October.  But would you like a card before then?  Just drop me a line at kortneymgarrison {at} with a mailing address and I will add you to the list!


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