Running Update at the End of Summer

Phew.  This running season did not go as I had planned.  We had a rainy, cold spring that made getting out to run difficult.  But I was banking on this Summer when I could run three times a week.  And really see some progress.

Instead, I’m not quite back to where I was at the end of last year.  It’s taking me much longer to increase my distance/speed compared to last year. I sprained my ankle and wrist and the weather was often hot and air quality poor.  Those are legitimate road blocks.  It’s also just taking me longer to get back to where I was last Winter.

But really that metric is only so useful.  I’m not training for any race.  There’s no deadline or finish line.   Every time I put on my shoes–those are my new ones in the picture!–and head out the door is a win.  Active rest, moving my body, breathing deep, sweating–those are my goals.  And I’m rocking those metrics!

Here’s my Spring running update and my interview with the amazing Helen McLaughlin:


  1. You are DOING it, Kortney—and that, in and of itself, is a win. It’s so important to find the metrics that work for you, the ones that encourage you to keep doing it rather than give up (because giving up is always the easiest option). I’m digging this idea of ‘sweat metrics’—kinda catchy, no? 😉

    Oh! Also: I love your new kicks (minty laces—the best!) and am cheering for you every time you put them on.


    1. Oh, Helen! Your note is illuminating. Yes yes yes to sweat metrics and finding the metrics that keep us moving in the right direction. I love knowing that you are in my corner! Looking forward to your Tuesday announcement!

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