Gratitude Three Ways

In September I had the chance to go to Nashville.   It’s a neat town, and I got to travel with some pretty neat women!  After the fun of being together for a weekend, we were inspired to stay connected through an informal writing group.  We all had projects that could use a little more time and attention.  So we made the committment to write for 30 minutes 3 times a week in October.

I am learning how I work best and finding ways to build on those strengths.  I quickly adapted the requirements to fit how I work best–15 minutes a day every day.  It’s way easier for me to show up every day rather than wrangle with myself about whether this is a writing day!  You’ll be happy to know that we are continuing into November–our own tiny nod to NaNoWriMo and daily practice.  I’ll be stacking the deck in my own favor at the beginning of the month with three wonderful writing practices to nudge me along if inspiration flags.

Hand lettering by Laurie Blackwell


First up is Laurie Blackwell’s Tips for Keeping a Gratitude Journal.  I love the way Laurie looks at life–open and inquisitive with a touch of whimsy.  Her offerings are always worthwhile, and you can get this invitation into gratitude by signing up for her newsletter.  But move fast!  It goes out tomorrow, so you need to get on the list today!

You’ll want to keep up the gratitude practice with Michelle GD’s Gratitude Week.  This is one of the most amazing things that happens on the internet!  Each day for a week, Michelle slips quiet, thoughtful, soulful emails into your inbox…and then the wonderful community that Michelle has built starts posting on Instagram.  Following #GratitudeWeek2017 is such a pleasure.  Women, who are looking at their lives with fresh eyes, put words to their experience.  Registration closes on Saturday.

That same week, I’ll be immersing myself in poetry.  I found the work of Holly Wren Spaulding at the end of the summer and felt an immediate attraction.  She is a poet who weaves the natural world into her poems.  She lives by the seasons and let the earth touch how she works.  I am so excited to learn from her.  I’ll be taking Seven, a week long class that she describes as “an experiment in following your curiosity and desire.”  Come on, give yourself a little bit of space to see where this path might lead.

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