Open Advent :: Making Room

Let everyone who is thirsty come

Let anyone who wishes take the water of life as a gift. –Revelation 22.17

The days are growing short. The Long Night’s Moon is growing full, and Solstice will be here soon. But there’s still time to make a little room for the baby who is coming! We can turn our attention to three areas that will open up a little space.


Attending to our physical spaces can work as a threshold, a way to access what’s most true. Tonight after dinner light a candle. Then you can do the dishes–not as a chore but as a gift.


Can you block off a day or two or even an afternoon between now and the end of the year when there’s nothing to do? Can you make intentional space to read aloud or work on a puzzle or color together? These quiet, reflective practices give us new eyes to see.


Especially during these holy days, the pressure to feel a certain way can weigh on us. Maybe this year we aren’t feeling connected or full of hope or at peace. But it’s in this practicing, in this lowly, daily tending that we make room for the holy to come.


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