Meeting the Equinox with Poems

Ah, the last day of Peace Poetry month. That’s the last of my postcards going out. The month started with Botticelli postcards and ending with Picasso–quite a leap!

In 2001 poet Samuel Green wrote a poem every day and sent that first draft out on a postcard. (Listen to him tell about the poems and then read a few more yourself.) His poems are rooted in the daily and in close observance of the natural world.

I’m going to try meeting this turning season with poems fresh each day. I’ll be using these reliable seasonal prompts from Amanda, and looking for a few lines to record. I put an armful of Poetry for Young People books on hold including Yeats, and Williams, and Millay. That way the “young people” who live here can read alongside me.

I’d love to have your company! Or even send you a postcard if you let me know in the comments!


  1. I had no idea that series existed! Just put a bunch on hold at our library so my kids and I can explore some poetry together during our school day. Thanks for mentioning it!

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