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Morning Practice

Every morning, before the rest of the day crowds in and my attention is scattered, I come to the page.

But what counts as writing every day? Just showing up? A few lines of journaling? A completed poem? Something in between?

For me the answer shifts. I intuitively follow a practice…until it feels like it’s time for a change. That usually happens maybe once a season. Here are a few recent schedules to give you a taste of what my mornings include:

There’s a lot of overlap between these two lists. Items move in and out organically. One relative constant? There’s a reward at the end! Reading Shaunta Grimes and investigating her resources is my reward for moving through the practices.

Morning writing practice isn’t revolutionary, and it’s not a perfect system. But it is enough.

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  1. I love your early morning picture and the discipline your schedule requires. The example that you are for the kids is worth so much.

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