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Ann Kroeker Writing Coach

Yesterday I mentioned the #AmWriting podcast. Another favorite is Ann Kroeker. She’s a writing coach in your ears!

Seasonal Homeschooling

I first came across Ann’s work 10 years ago while searching for Ann Voskamp. Isn’t that a blast from the past?! I emailed her or left a comment about looking for one thing and finding another. She was so gracious! How serendipitous her first book felt for me.

All through the years I’ve been a reader of her blog and listener to her podcast. Then our paths crossed again when I wrote the prompts for Tweetspeak Poetry, one of her publishers, for a season. These tiny affirmations early on in my Homeschool MFA were the spark, the sign that I was on the right path, that I hadn’t let go of the thread.

I was riveted listening to a recent episode on free writing vs. thinking before you come to the page. It’s a false dilemma of course. The two practices reinforce and strengthen each other. But hearing Ann puzzle it out is enlightening. And it made it easy to see how both practices could enliven my writing.

I’m due for a re-read of Ann’s excellent book On Being a Writer. I think it might be just the thing for the new year. A way through the dark of winter with writing together as our guide. I’d love to have you read along with me!

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