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Postcard Poems

When I am looking for handwork, I usually reach for embroidery. but I also love to make postcards out of calendar pages.

For years I had saved Nikki McClure calendars, but this year I have a MOMA page a day calendar. So many possibilities! We’ve loved looking at a new painting each day. And now I am slowly making a stack of cards.

I love to have a sheet of stamps ready with a few postcards. It’s the perfect way to send a thank you note or a quick hello.

But the best present that I could think to send is a postcard poem. My work is generally very short and perfect for the small spaces of postcards. For the past few years I have participated in February Peace Postcards.

In August SPLAB hosts Poetry Postcard Fest. I discovered these poets just after the cutoff date last year. I’ve been quietly dreaming of the end of next Summer and the cards I will send.

This year Rattle is hosting a postcard poem contest. It closes at the end of January, so maybe that’s another project for the first month of the new decade.

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