Still Meeting the Equinox with Poems

The days are potent. During the night, the rains returned. On Monday the Harvest Moon will come full, and then the Equinox arrives a few days later. Next week brings early fall saint day celebrations–Michaelmas, St Jerome, then St Francis.

The poetry desk has been quiet of late. I’m still here most mornings, keeping the candle lit and the seat warm. Waiting for the season to shift.

I have finally finished copying Late in the Day by Ursula K LeGuin and am beginning The Threadbare Coat by Thomas A Clark. The introductory essay calls his poems concrete poetry. That usually refers to poems that form some recognizable shape on the page. Yikes! But in Clark’s case, it’s the tangible, physical object of a poem printed on a postcard or broadside.

I have a clutch of tangible, physical poetry postcards to send out. And a pile of old calendar pages to make more–good work for a rainy weekend.

I’d love to send one your way. Just leave me your postal address in the comments, or if you prefer, you can email me (kortneymgarrison {at} gmail {dot} com).


  1. I love these students and their dear teacher. I would like a postcard poem please. I saw the moon nearly full driving from Hanalei this evening. Thought of you.

  2. Lauren-Taylor Jones
    10431 Blackstone Creek
    San antonio tx 78254
    For inspiration! Beginning poetry with my littles (8 and 4), through IEW. Thank you! Love your blog and love seeing you at RAR. LT

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