The Magic of Daily Practice

ICAD is coming! Join in! Yes. You!

I really can’t think of a better way to welcome Summer and to celebrate my birthday month than by joining in ICAD–Index Card a Day!


It’s a simple challenge, not a competition. Create something on an index card every day for June and July. My cards are going to be drawing inspiration from Hilma af Klint, geometry, collage with Katie Licht, postcard poems, and circles. AP of my heart is drawing a film still every day.

In July I am participating in another poetry postcard project. This one emphasises actually composing on the card and sending that original draft. I’m not sure about that practice! One of the best parts of sending postcard poems is rescuing tiny bits and pieces from my journal and then refining and revising them throughout the month. As much as I embrace First Thought, Best Thought, I also know that poems get better over time. But an ICAD card would be a great place to practice!

And that’s the heart of ICAD–no matter what you choose to create. This is a low stakes way to practice, to set your hand to a small amount of work everyday. Mary Oliver says that poets “make appointments” with the page and “something begins to happen.”

So my appointment is made! You come too!

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