Should I Do NaNoWriMo?

Well, not me. You. Should you do NaNoWriMo?

Should you wake up while it’s still dark to follow a story as Fall turns to Winter? Should you push yourself to create just a little bit more before the year is out? Should you clean off your desk and get to work?

I should clean off my desk. I will not, however,be doing NaNoWriMo. Other people who I live with are. So, the creative energy is building. We won’t all be noveling, but we will all be creating. Here’s what I’ve got planned:

  • Read a poem from Finding My Elegy: New and Selected Poems by Ursula K LeGuin
  • Write 3 bold + faithful lines, not necessarily haiku. I’ll be exploring other short forms
  • Blog 2 times a week….or write 100 words toward a post. I have a series on homeschooling high school planned. TL;DR version: homeschooling high school is fabulous!

But what about you? If you aren’t doing NaNo, what will you put your hand to?

  • A guest on Ann Kroeker’s podcast recommends writing for 15 minutes a day to add up small wins.
  • Ninja Writers hosts free writing sprints on Youtube every day starting at 6am Pacific on weekdays and 7 am Pacific on weekends. I’m often there for the first 10 or 15 minutes!
  • My soul sister Kara got me a set of 20 minute beeswax candles–perfect way to time a writing session.
  • Austin Kleon has a low-tech way to track your project.

The year is turning. Advent is coming. The dark settles early each night. Redeem this time with me.

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