The poems of Elemental take their place in the circle of the year: seasons, moons, the human rhythms of waking and sleep. These poems exist where silence becomes song.

There are few abstractions here. Rather the poems are rooted in the natural world. The precise images point us toward what is real.

These poems come out of the imagist and haiku traditions where small moments hold the potential for revelation.

Available now from Bottlecap Press

Every Broken Year:
The Persephone Cycle

“Condensing isn’t about making things smaller. It’s about getting to the core of the thing so that you can see how absolutely expansive and huge the most basic, humble, small moments & feelings really are.

Every Broken Year enacts this, and when I read these poems, I have the overwhelming feeling that we don’t need much in order to live, feel, and make abundantly.”

–Sarah Teresa Cook

Forthcoming in Fall 2023 from tiny wren publishing