Hello, I’m

Kortney Garrison

I’m a poet and a homeschooler. That means our house is full of books!

Most mornings, you’ll find me at my desk. Coffee in hand, candles + twinkle lights lit, journal open.

Kortney Garrison

Homeschool MFA

Have you ever wondered how poets learn their craft? I created my own program of classes, readings, and conferences.

One Deep Drawer

Come read along at the blog where I keep stories of our days learning together and things that catch my eye.

Poetry + Podcasts

Here is a collection of places where you can read some of my poems and listen to interviews about homeschooling.

Ideas and Inspirations for Keeping a Holy Lent with our Families


Observing Lent offers simple practices for families

to use as they journey together

toward Easter.

The latest from one deep drawer