Hello, I’m

Kortney Garrison

I’m a poet and a homeschooler. That means our house is full of books!

Most mornings, you’ll find me at my desk. Coffee in hand, candles + twinkle lights lit, journal open.

Kortney Garrison

Homeschool MFA

Have you ever wondered how poets learn their craft? I created my own program of classes, readings, and conferences.

One Deep Drawer

Come read along at the blog where I keep stories of our days learning together and things that catch my eye.

Poetry + Podcasts

Here is a collection of places where you can read some of my poems and listen to interviews about homeschooling.

What if Advent prepared you to meet
the Christmas season with peace?


Keeping Advent is a guide to help you create margin

and make space for peace in this bright season.

The light is coming!

The latest from one deep drawer