16 months

16 months
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one Tuesday a month we go to La Leche League meetings for mamas and toddlers who still nurse. we talk about what’s hard, what’s not working. how we don’t get a lot of sleep, how this is all going to work with the next baby. and i identify with all of those rough spots. and it is good to hear the stories and experience of mamas who have been where you are now.

but that’s not the whole story.

sometimes i wish we’d talk about how nice it is to come home after a long morning on the town and snuggle this big girl in my arms and nurse her to sleep. to feel her weight in my tired arms. her fingers on my skin.


  1. in the night, maisy always snuggled in tight, reached her lower arm around me and sandwiched her hand between me and the bed. i was sure it would put her hand to sleep and so i’d adjust and she’d force her arm back under and around me.

    when she climbs in bed with me now -usually in the early hours- she snuggles in tight and sometimes forces her little hand under me and i remember nursing that big little girl. so sweet those times.

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