number one

on Friday M + i mailed the first ever edition of the new zine called fieldwork. the switch from all handmade to computer-made is the first thing you’ll notice. especially if you’re familiar with other zines of mine. but maybe you didn’t notice that at all. it’s the first thing i noticed. but for some reason, i was pretty clear that this zine should be made on a computer. maybe it’s inspiration from neat zines like Miranda.

for the most part, i’m happy with the way this first issue turned out. yes, i wish i could have come up with a mission statement or tag line that was more clear or funny. yes, i wish the articles were longer. but there were also surprises. like how much i liked the fonts that i found. just exactly right.

if you’d like a copy, get in contact…

fieldworkonline {at} yahoo {dot} com.

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