these two!

last week i told Mabel that we would be celebrating Father’s Day soon and we needed to get AP a surprise. all week long at odd times she’s been saying, Papa? prise? and then she’ll get a big smile on her face as we talk about Father’s Day again.

this man is amazing.

he is gentle and silly. when she requests Bird (Little Bird) or Spider (Itsy Bitsy Spider) he plays the same songs over and over on the guitar. he tends our garden and fills our yard debris bin with so many weeds. he teaches kids who are right on the verge of success or failure. he’s a steady, reliable influence in their lives, a man of integrity.

he held me in his arms as i birthed Mabel. when she was still connected to me, he reached around and rubbed her back and whispered hello. as i was getting stitched up, he held Mabel. and i knew that she was safe, she was right where she needed to be.

i am so honored to be walking the path of parenting with Andy. he makes me a better mama just by being himself.

happy father’s day!

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  1. Kortney, your words about Andy brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of how special he is in all of our lives. We loved him from the start, and our love has grown with the years. The happiness that he gives you is a treasure. I love how you two put your heads together and talk at a decibel level well below being over heard about any and every thing. The many ways you care for Korty and Mabel warms our hearts. Andy you are a good husband and father and we love you.

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