twenty one

there’s a sort of folk wisdom among midwives and families who homebirth that babies born in the water always have an affinity for it. i’ve been at more than one gathering where there’s a kid playing in a fountain and someone will walk by and say, yep! he’s a water baby. and our water baby is no different.

we’ve been doing swim lessons this week. there’s an indoor pool quite close to our house and this week was FREE swim lesson week. so last Saturday i woke up early and stood in line to sign us up for a week of Starfish lessons. really it’s just an excuse to be in the water with the little one. we sing some splashy songs and play with water toys. Mabel loves it. alot. she wakes up ready to go. she talks about it all the way there (bus! pool! kick kick kick!). last night i think she must have been practicing here swimming in her sleep. i was getting kicked so much i had to take a blanket and go sleep on the couch.

she’s always a little disappointed that Uncle Dave and Trev aren’t going to be at the pool. the last time she swam was when they came for a visit, so the two are tied in her mind. but on our way to the pool, we do pass a KFC. she’s started calling the Colonel “Chicken Papa.” and because Dave’s always up for some chicken, she talks about eating some chicken with Dave and Trev. and we will in just over a month!

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  1. Oh my, the water baby looks perfectly at home. Good for you Mabel. We are looking forward to having you splash in our big pool soon. Dave and Trev and Papa and Nana and everyone will be there. We will have a birthday party for Trev!

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