brewer pregnancy diet

one more link today…this one is a site made by a nurse about nutrition in pregnancy. two of my sister-in-laws are pregnant, and nutrition comes up in our conversations. i first heard about the Brewer Diet from my midwives when i was pregnant with Mabel. they really insisted that so many issues could be solved with nutrition–specifically drinking plenty of water, eating 80-100 grams of protein, and eating vegetables in lots of different colors. some of her recommendations (like drinking 4 glasses of milk a day! eek!) seem a bit much, but the point is to get some of your protein from dairy every day.

anyway, there’s lots of information on Joy’s site. it’s an excellent resource. i’ll close with the labor prayer that In His Hands Birth Supply sent along with our order for M’s birth. after almost 30 hours of labor, in the middle of transition, all three of our midwives came and laid hands on me and prayed this prayer. it is powerful medicine!

Dear Father, thank you for this new baby.

Would you protect and nurture this baby and bring this pregnancy to full term.

In labor, would you remove all fear and replace it with faith and expectation.

Please give those attending the birth wisdom to take the best care of mother and baby.

Please let this baby be born normal and whole, healthy and strong, and at home with no complications with baby or mother.

Father, thank you for hearing my prayer, for i pray in the name of him who is called Wonderful, Counselor, the Might God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.


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