St Lucy Day

on the 13th we’ll be celebrating St Lucy Day. just another excuse to eat pastries in my book! in Scandinavia, the oldest girl in the family greets the others with hot coffee and fresh made yummy things to eat. she also has a crown of lit candles on her head! can you imagine? i think we’ll skip the candles this year. but not the muffins! Lucy was a young girl who wanted to devote her life to God. her family and many suitors had other ideas. one man sent her a letter talking about how beautiful her eyes were. she returned his letter on a platter–with her eyes!

it might even be snowing up on the ridge where we live. the wood pile is high, the fridge is full of food, we are ready for the weather to turn. i think breakfast in bed with paper and the family close by sounds perfect.

there is a lovely book published by DK with a St Lucy girl on the cover called Celebrations! i’ve used this book for years for simple ideas to remember other holy days like Chinese New Year and the Day of the Dead.

and don’t forget the full cold night’s moon tomorrow night…the earth and moon are at their closest together, so the moon will be bright. döö limbo, in Saramakan.