world’s smallest baby shower!


last week Mabel and i went over to our friend Sarah’s to share a quiet lunch with Sarah, her daughter Abigail, and her mother Marla…or so we thought!


these signs welcomed us at the front door.  when we went inside, the scent of Italian Wedding Soup filled the house.  Sarah brightened the gray day by decorating with a tropical theme.  there was even a palm tree in the kitchen!  Abigail and Mabel started playing and Sarah sat me down in the pregnant mama’s chair complete with a massage option.  then she made me a cup of proper English tea and let me relax.

we sat down to eat our lunch (at the table there was even a special chair for the new big sister!) and enjoyed homemade bread, lovely soup (with alphabet pasta!) and cheese.  then gingerbread and fresh whipped cream for dessert.  scrumptious!

then it was time for the gifts…


again, Sarah did a wonderful job of including Mabel and making her feel special.  she received a gift bag of her own filled with soap and lotion (her favorite) and a new book and an apron for painting or gardening.  then it was time to unpack my lovely green gift bag.  and it was really stuffed!

  • new cloth diapers.  not just any brand, Sandy’s, my favorites.  in two sizes.  the larger diapers fit M now and mean that she can make it through a long nap without leaking.
  • wool breast pads.  i can’t wait to try these out!  soon!
  • special lanolin soap to wash the breast pads and wool soakers in.
  • Bert’s Bees baby sampler–with an added bottle of baby oil because she knows it’s what we used with Mabel and that’s just what baby’s smell like at our house.
  • other samples of lotions and oils…one that i’ve been putting on my new stretch marks, as if i needed more!

i’m sure there are more things that i’ve forgotten, things that are already a part of the fabric of our days.  each gift was selected with me and this new baby in mind.  each gift was full of love and care.  each gift, a special welcome for this new child.  we were truly showered with love and care.


one last picture of Abigail, Mabel, Kortney and Samuel the cat.


  1. what a lovely friend you have…. i would love to be in attendance at a baby shower for you. maybe i should follow suit and just declare one of my own. we’re thinking of and praying for you all at this most true time. sorry to have missed the tummy. call me sometime.

  2. What a wonderful party. I love the pictures, and I can almost smell that delicious soup. How nice that God had that neighborhood and those special loving people in mind for the Garrison Poundstone family. Thank you, Sarah.

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