did you get to see the men’s final at Wimbledon on Sunday?  or were you at church?  (we couldn’t make it–our girl was sick.)  it was a fabulous, record breaking match.  we all watched the never ending final set and ate strawberries.  ah! breakfast at Wimbledon!

when we lived in the jungle we listened to the BBC on the shortwave.  each day during the tournament, they had an hour long show of highlights.  tennis on the radio!  in 2004 i heard Roddick interviewed.  he talked about watching Wimbledon as a boy in America.  his mom would make strawberries and cream just like they were serving on centre court.  i remember hearing that and thinking, yes!  we too ate strawberries and watched the finals.  it’s one of my fondest memories.  i bet any of my brothers (or Andy!) could imitate my dad saying, “Breakfast at Wimbledon! Strawberries and cream!”

thanks for the memories, dad!  we’re carrying on the tradition!

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  1. yes, i was watching. i was at the gym for a run and plugged my earphones into my own personal attached teevee. i started my run halfway into the third set and by the end i found myself walking into my eleventh mile. i didn’t mean to stay as long as i did but who could have ever left that match. (we never did get a converter box, so this teevee was my only option). i stayed to the very last *heartbreaking* point. i started the week swept up in the record breaking drama of RF and his magic 15 but it took only watching a game that sunday morning and i switched teams. oh, andy! he was so strong and earnest. i cried when he couldn’t. (oh, and- no cream for me….i’m attempting to run off the cream of all the wimbledons of yesteryear….)

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