the government of Australia is working to make birthing babies at home illegal.  in a year’s time it could be against the law to welcome our children into the world at home.  hard to imagine.

i talked to Jess about waterbirth…about how excellent it was for our children.  but that over time it might come to seem silly or dangerous or just a fad.  how will our daughters view our choices?

then Andy and i talked about still having babies at home even if it were against the law.  i am pretty clear that i would continue to have my babies at home no matter what.  confident that midwives would find a way to work.  like wise women always have.  and i would do the work necessary to make sure other women could find the care they needed to support what was best for their families.  like the song says, the more you control us, the stronger we get.

i love this video.  any time a mama and papa sing and play together, i’m hooked.  but the song itself and the babe at the breast just make it all the sweeter.