20 things

window sill

somewhere on flickr i found this set generator. it creates a new set based on different criteria. each day ours creates a new set of 20 random pictures from all of our pictures. it throws pictures together from wildly different times and places. but they are all ours and often seem to hang together nicely. it’s also a sweet way to remember again just how blessed we are. here’s today’s set.

and here’s the link to create your own!


  1. you must be very close to me. we were in the shadow of St. John’s bridge over the weekend – alas, no nursing baby…and i do love a trip to Powells.

    it’s fun to “meet” someone close to home!

    i’m going to poke around your blog-home for awhile!

  2. so, so glad to have found you, Tonia! via the wonderful homeschool.style.bytes! and then to see that you know Ann Voskamp too…such a tender soul she has!

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