(mostly not) buying things

sept 09 100

Andy and i were looking around our house and realized that, with the exception of our computer and Mabel’s bed, all our other furniture had been given to us.  hand-me-downs and inheritance and plain out gifts.

but a couple of weeks ago, we bought a new couch.  no, it’s not really new (third hand!).  and it’s really a futon.  but it’s new to us!  our last couch was a gift from my parents…part of a couch/loveseat/chair/footstool/endtable score.  all for $30!  but almost every day Mabel would take off the cover and wrap it around herself and dance around and then leave it all in a heap.  and i would fume.  we didn’t need to be fighting about that.  plus, we have visitors often enough that it’s nice to have a place to put them.  but my favorite thing about the couch is the wide arm rests…a perfect place to set my coffee in the morning.

more to be grateful for.