what a wonderful morning!  we went to the first in a series on children’s concerts put on by the Oregon Symphony.  all about the strings.  Mabel got to talk to the cellist named Trevor, pluck the strings (they used to be made out of sheep guts, now they’re steel!), feel the vibrations on the belly of the instrument as Trevor played.

the program itself was about 30 minutes long with a nice mix of fun and information.  even though it was held in a school gym, it wasn’t over-crowded or too loud.  the musicians were friendly and enthusiastic.  and all for just $2.  we’ll be going to all of the 9:30 concerts at Peninsula Elementary.  maybe we’ll see you there!

by the by, the concerts are listed as appropriate for ages K-grade 2…Mabel is not quite three and it was great for her.  there were also older children, and they seemed to like it too.  even a babe in arms who bonked her head and got a bloody lip.  but her mama loved her up and nursed her a bit.  and she was all better!