on the way to Target

…AP was buckling her into her carseat, and she said, “some people, like Gandhi, don’t think you should hurt other people.”

yes, that’s right.

“but, Papa, what about David and the little stones he threw at Goliath?”

um.  any ideas on what to say?


  1. I’d say this:

    Hurting other people is NEVER a GOOD thing. It is, however, sometimes justifiable. (What’s the three-year-old level synonym for “justifiable”?)

    This may best be explained by examples. Sarah tells me a few years ago there was a baby crow that was hopping around in the Van Beek’s yard, and a cat was stalking it (to kill and eat it), and the mama crow attacked the cat in defense of her baby.

    Another good example is that of David and Goliath. Goliath wanted to hurt the Israelites, and David responded as he did only to defend his people.

    Or maybe you have an example or two from your own life.

    Next up maybe we can have a discussion on turning the other cheek. 😀

    (It’s interesting how even as adults we continue to struggle with these kinds of questions, and ask for God’s wisdom in answering them when they come from our children.)

  2. Don’t you love those deep philosophical questions from little ones??? I Samuel 17:47 is a good place to start. David was defending God’s honor because Goliath was defying “the armies of the living God”. (KJV) Verse 47 says that the battle was the Lord’s and He gave David the victory. David wasn’t “picking” on Goliath, he was standing up to a bully who would have gladly killed him, and certainly would have if God had not given David the victory. Praying God will give you wisdom to provide His answers to tough questions…

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