good gifts

Mabel’s California grandparents got her a bike for Christmas.  a barely used bike for a quarter of the price from craigslist.  and it’s just perfect.  she loves it.  she’s already learning how to get on and off the bike, how to keep the pedals going.  it seems like we just have to show her once, then she quietly works to perfect the skill.  it’s wonderful to watch.

and the watching put me in mind of Aimee’s post.  i can remember feeling a little scared of characters like Frosty and Rudolf.  they were doing all they could to obscure the true meaning of Christmas.  it was a competition, and the world was winning.

Advent is a time to prepare and repent.  certainly, i can use the calls to reconsider my giving at Christmas time.  but then comes Christmas.  then comes the baby.  then comes the hard work of loving that baby.  that’s what we’re meant to do,  to create places where a taste of the kingdom can be experienced.  and parents (and grandparents!) give their children good gifts.  Mabel’s reaction is just beautiful.  watching her is a lesson in grace and thankfulness.  her heart overflows.  may it ever be.

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