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what happens on Wednesdays…or Mondays

this morning we enjoyed the sun and frost and a walk to the library, where the stars aligned, and we all sat happily reading aloud for a good spell.  one of the books that Mabel picked up off the shelf (after The Three Bears–in Spanish) was this one, What Happens on Wednesdays by Emily Jenkins.

the young girl in the story tells us everything that happens on Wednesdays–she wakes up and reads stories on the couch with mama till the clock says it’s time to wake up Papa.  she goes to a cafe and eats a bagel.  she goes swimming.  and at least twice, as she says goodbye or gets tucked in, she reminds her parents that Wednesdays are not kissing days.

as we were leaving the library i asked Mabel if she would like to go pick up a bagel.  she thought that would be a great idea.  “but,” she said, “today is a kissing day.”  that one!


  1. So funny – we had this one and just returned it before the move. But when I read it to Sophie, I selfishly omitted the “no kissing day” parts because I didn’t want her to get any ideas!!!

  2. What a lovely outing to the library. I do love it when the “stars align”, and everything goes just right. I’ll be looking for _What Happens on Wednesdays_ , during our next trip to the library.

  3. Nana–there were lots of kisses!

    Jess–i too am a great changer of books…soon the girls will be able to catch us 🙂

    Susan–i love your library list too!

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