keeping connected

** believe what your child says ** keep them fed and rested ** carry your baby on your body ** get outdoors ** remember that change is challenging ** use gentle touch ** prevention ** be together ** be nurturing ** keep nature at the center ** think and talk about the purpose of life ** drink water ** go for a walk ** run outside ** listen to music ** play with clay ** play with water ** give a back rub ** swing or rock ** take deep breaths ** take a bubble bath ** problem solve together ** remember what helps **

–from the Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine Aron

…also, a lovely article by Carrie of the Parenting Passageway talking about discipline and connection…and a really big and wonderful list of ways to love!


  1. I love your colorful notes from the _Highly Sensitive Child_ –really good thoughts. I will have to request this book at the library, as I have a couple of “highly sensitive” children 😉

    I also really liked the article about discipline and connection/attachment. I am in complete agreement with what Carrie wrote. I am a vocal advocate for extended breastfeeding for the same reasons she discussed. Children are very much in their bodies, rather than their heads. It seems cruel to me to put a child in time-out and abandon him to his uncontrolled emotions at a time when he needs to be grounded by touch, eye-contact, connection and warmth.

    Thought-provoking and inspiring post!

  2. Hi, Kortney! I sent ya an e-mail too. what are you guys doing Sunday afternoon? Do you want to come over for a mid-afternoon meal after church? around 2-3ish? Nicki and Kevin are coming, I believe.

    Let me know! (503) 257-2307

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