seeds of love

(looking inside the yurt…i was cooking outside. that table holds everything i need: popcorn maker, box of wine, coffeepot, and that sweet family)

today we went to the library to hear Pam Donkin sing.  M, of course, loved her harmonica and holder.  Nico sat quietly watching all of the children…quiet until the third song.  then he had to climb out of my lap and kneel on his knees to dance!  he is a great clapper, and many of the songs included hand claps and knee slaps and toe tapping.  instead of tapping her foot on the ground, Mabel tapped her foot with her hand!  the last song she sang was called “Planting Seeds of Love”.  she told the story of a group of children who sang the song to their mamas.  they changed the words to “you are planting seeds of love in my heart.”

and really these children, this man, have planted seeds of love in my heart.  can they ever know what a gift they have given?


  1. no, we don’t live in the yurt. just stayed in one for a weekend at the beach. but we were speculating on how we could fit our whole life into the yurt’s round walls.

    i’ve also been thinking about the possibility of buying a yurt for a family through World Vision….

    give those sweet girls of yours a squeeze from us!

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