brother + sister

when Nico was still on the inside, when he was still called Big Fella, when we didn’t even know if he was a fella, i worried.  i didn’t worry that i wouldn’t have enough love.  i knew love was unbounded.  but i also knew that he wouldn’t get the careful attention his sister had.  there would always be another person whose needs had to be met too.

i told my tale to the midwives, and they smiled and said,”Yes, you are right. but there’s something you haven’t considered.  this new baby will have your love and attention.  but Big Fella will also have Mabel’s love and attention.”

and he does.  Mabel loves this boy. she is patient and gentle.  but more, she really likes  him.  just this morning i told her what a surprise, what a joy it was for me to be able to get soup started for dinner while the two of them played together.

and he loves her.  he calls her name.  he squeals when he sees her.  he laughs and hugs and rubs her like he’s a kitty.  he wrestles with her and gives her great big  kisses.


  1. Pope John Paul II said that the greatest gift parents can give to their child is a sibling. Amen.

    Beautiful picture and post!

  2. ah! i just haven’t been able to stop thinking about this quote. thank you so for sharing it.

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