12 ways to make moving easier

we moved last weekend.  it was only across the street, and we’re not quite all the moved, but this has been the easiest, most sane move i have ever done.  here are a few reasons why.

  1. declutter first. if you have the time, it feels great to let go of extras and brokens.  i used the lenten idea of 40 bags in 40 days as a goal.  i lost count, but i know i came close!
  2. work with a partner.  one person can be in charge of boxes; the other can be in charge of the children.  then you can switch!  it feels like a relief to change pace.
  3. slow and steady! take your time.  take breaks.  do a little each day.  be faithful.
  4. keep to your rhythms. find the natural times in your day when you can pack without disrupting the day to day.
  5. keep one living area clear and clean. no boxes; art still on the walls.  let there be one place where nothing changes.  this place will anchor your rhythms.
  6. prepare a super simple menu. clean out the fridge.  focus on meals that are simple to prepare and clean up.  our dinners together made me feel like things were normal and under control.
  7. breastfeed. or find other ways of providing comfort to your children.  we made a sheet to count off the days to help M know where we were and when we’d be at the new place.
  8. rely on friends. on the weekend of the move, one family provided childcare, other made us a meal for our first night at the new place.  and one dear family helped us move the heavy stuff and went to storytime with the children.  it felt so comforting to have the help we needed near to hand.
  9. have an important papers box. ours was a bag really.  it was the place to put all the things we didn’t want to misplace.  worked pretty well!
  10. be gentle. expect changes in sleep or eating patterns.  change takes time.
  11. unpack essentials first.
  12. celebrate! in Saramaka new houses are dedicated to God.  the village comes and prays on the doorstep.  then the house is unlocked and the windows open to invite the Spirit come in.    we sang “Praise God from Whom All Blessing Flow” and opened the windows to the breezes off the river.


  1. it really was pretty easy…and i can’t believe it’s only been two weeks. i guess we’re getting settled.

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