hallway felt

a few weeks ago Lori at Camp Creek Blog mentioned a great big felt board she used at her Reggio preschool.  her little comment made me remember that we had a piece of black felt that AP used when he developed photographs in our first tiny apartment.  i hunted around downstairs and found it!

we tacked it to the wall in the upstairs hallway and started playing!  these pictures aren’t the most inspiring–our hallway has no natural light.  and, well, it’s a hallway, so there isn’t lots of room.  but you can get the idea!


  1. a great use of space and limitless possibilities…I’ll be looking for felt animals and stories…I love you Nico and Mabel…

  2. We have a great big green felt board that I made a long time ago. We were visiting a country fair once, and a vendor had beautiful feltboard blankets of nursery stories (The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, etc.) which I purchased and cut-out at home. All of my children have loved playing with the board and characters, but I had forgotten about it! I’ll have to get it out of the attic for Luke. Thank you for reminding me.

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