to get tomatoes out of their skin

Put their skin back in and wash them clean.

So you see how the sides get more yellower when i hold it up to the sun?

Oh silly tomato skin!  I’ll put you back in the bowl.

And after you’re finished, you put them in the sun.

And the sun dries them off really well.

we’ve happened upon one of the best chores for littles in the kitchen–blanching, peeling and seeding tomatoes.  she loves this work, and this lovely autumn has given her plenty of opportunities to practice.  she was doing her work, and i was doing mine.  companionably.  and all the while she was talking.  so i dried my hands, snapped a few pictures, and copied down what she was saying.  a beginning at documenting and dictation.


  1. I got a pingback that you referenced my blog on your post. I was so happy to see this! How great that you stepped in when your daughter was already talking and started writing it down. That’s the best way to get started with taking dictation–it really is.

    Thank you for the link!

  2. patricia–

    i discovered your blog last week and have been poking around. i am absolutely taken with the idea of dictation…it seems such a natural fit with our story-telling pre-reader.

    and Wonder Farm? perfect name. what better thing to cultivate!

    glad you said hello!

  3. What a smart little helper in the kitchen! Mabel, I know you know that stories are really fun when we are working together, driving on a long trip or just trying to go to sleep. In Hawaii and other places they call it “making story.” Our lives are our stories. I love you, nana

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