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for all the saints

the saints in each generation are joined to those who have gone before, and are filled like them with light to become a golden chain in which each saint is a separate link, united to the next by faith, works and love.  so in the one God they form a single chain which cannot quickly be broken.

:Simeon the New Theologian

while doing a bit of research on Abbess Hilda and the Synod of Whitby (7th century English church history, how i love thee!), i came across this book.  and it’s just what i’ve been looking for!  lovely illustrations, clear text, and most wondrously, a collection of saint stories from Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox traditions.  the saints are arranged chronologically instead of by feast day.  i love being able to see the sweep of history, the church through time.  this book is an excellent resource to add to your library, an excellent way to bring the saints close.  and here is a wonderful post by Leila at Like Mother, Like Daughter about simple ways of celebrating the saints through the year.

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  1. I just looked inside this book on Amazon, and I love it! Thank you for recommending it–it is just what I’ve been looking for, too.

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