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here’s a link to the Baby Sign Language Dictionary that the airplane video from the last post belongs to.  it’s an amazing collection of short videos for many, many words.  both of the children love watching other children sign.  and Mabel really likes the way Laura describes each sign.

when Nicolas was born we received this book from a dear friend.  he really likes to bring the book over and do each sign as he turns the page.  yesterday we were at the store and he saw something that he wanted me to see too.  he was pointing and jabbering and i couldn’t quite figure out what he wanted me to see.  then he signed baby.  and i saw the box of diapers that had captivated him!  this was not an important connection, not him using signs to reduce frustration.  but it was connection.  it was my boy reaching out and pulling me into his joy.

so look up this sign dictionary and gather round the screen and do some signs with your little ones!

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