last minute sweetness

it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  bet you hadn’t noticed!  here are a few easy ways to show your love and bring a bit of joy to your house…

  • Carrie at the Parenting Passageway is talking about the best ways to support our 3-5 year olds.  many of her suggestions are age specific, but many are also easily adapted to the ones needing love and rhythm at your house.
  • here are a few very cute cards that i printed out for our littles…
  • and if you’re feeling very much more motivated than me, Joel has made a ring toss game out of paper, a few buttons, and some pipe cleaners.  (these last suggestions come via Simple Mom!)
  • what if you made your house a house of prayer?
  • what if you held an intention–a picture of your child growing into her best self and it’s twin, a picture of yourself growing alongside of her–just as you fell asleep tonight?
  • while you’re at it, you might as well leave the laundry for tomorrow and have another glass of the champagne that’s been waiting for such a time as this…that’s what i’m doing.  joy will find a way.


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