four square plan for lent

a compass to help me navigate these 40 days

north–practicing prayer at fixed hours. our days are settled enough to try a full stop at noon to say a few prayers together.

south–reading Here and Now by Henri Nouwen.  a group is reading together at the Nouwen Center.  i won’t begin reading until the end of March when the book arrives at the library.  so there’s time for you to find a copy too!

east–marking the days with the Way of Light Wreath.  i must admit that i am rather unsettled about Jesus hauling that cross for all these days. it is a dark road up ahead.

west–fasting from meat on Fridays.

but before we begin this journey toward Easter, we’ll be celebrating tonight with our favorite pumpkin pancakes and Laurel’s oatmeal pancakes.  i might even warm up the syrup and put it in a pretty pitcher!


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