four turns five

this girl!  tomorrow she turns five.  in the past few weeks, she’s really grown and changed–her coloring and drawing has grown detailed and imaginitive.  she’s started thinking of things, asking for various supplies and then setting out to create.

a just-before-bed picture of Mega Mind…we watched the movie at the end of summer, outside at the park in St Johns.

this is a picture of our cousin Trevor’s big sister, Tweety taking their dog Honey for a walk on the beach!  (Tweety’s hair is that exact shade of pink!  M thinks it’s wonderful!)

Angelina Ballerina puppets made with Andy…and a backdrop and theater made from the recycling.

Mabel the “Real Rock N Roll Girl.”  with guitar made from a cardboard box.

i love how she’s growing.  tomorrow we’ll have PINK frosted Mini-Wheats for breakfast and pink cupcakes with orange frosting and pumpkin sprinkles.  from us she’s getting an umbrella covered in butterflies.  then we’re headed out for dinner together at Kennedy School.  and just to compare, this is how she started.




  1. What achievements for such a little one! Very creative in many ways. Since you were tiny, you were interested in everything. Keep the wonder that you have in the world and all its beauty.

  2. Happy Birthday Mabel! You are a beautiful little girl just like your mommy. You do not know me but I am a friend of your Nana. I can remember when your mommy was your age.

  3. Wishing Mabel the happiest birthday! You’re five! What a creative and accomplished person you are growing up to be. I love your drawings, and puppets, and guitar. It sounds like your Mommy and Daddy have a very special, happy day planned for you.

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