my day: a list

 :: from another day’s chores ::

woke early…coffee and prayers, then conversation with my lovely.

Nico also woke early, too early.  but Andy gathered him up and put him in the guest room bed.  he went back to sleep and gave us another hour together.  i am not looking forward to tomorrow’s lighter mornings.  i like that the dark keeps my littles sleeping long enough for me to have a quiet morning.

started laundry, recycled moving boxes, emptied the Outbox

this line of small chores?  it’s how my days have been going of late.  it does not make for a very satisfied, accomplished feeling at the end of the day’s work.  what does?  Andy making sausage, mushroom and cheddar omelets for breakfast while i puttered!

made lunch, read with the children, cuddled, fell asleep in the new feather bed


woke, made a colossal grocery list, walked to the store with the children, shopped and shopped, saved $60 with coupons

we have a longer walk to the grocery now that we have moved houses.  so far we are enjoying the change.  there are leaves and kitties and pumpkins to greet all along our way.  and the lovely, wet smell of rain and decaying leaves and evergreens.

for weeks before the move, i was trying to empty the pantry: save money and less stuff to move.  but now that we are here, i’m laying in supplies for winter!  yesterday we went out to the Island for the last time this season to stock up on veggies and apples.  we ate Brussels sprouts with dinner.  Andy picked the tiniest, most delicate ones to eat first.

unload the groceries, washed a few dishes, made dinner

with Andy.  we had hummus, falafel, salad, bread, wine.  he put Neil Young’s Harvest Moon on while we worked.  that man.

this list takes us up to now…i hear Saturday night baths starting, there’s laundry to fetch out of the basement, dishes, coffee to grind, a kettle to fill.  then tomorrow will come.  and our close-to-home life will continue in much the same way!


  1. I *love* that shade of green that’s being rolled onto the walls. I want to re-paint my family room soon, and I am looking at greens :- ).

    This post was such a nice glimpse into your life.

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