around the house

:: this morning working together to organize the sunporch…trips to the recycling and to donate at Goodwill…making space for the big box of Christmas coming up from the basement.

:: time outside raking leaves, mowing the grass after these last few dry days, playing in the mud, seeing the crows congregate in the birch trees to herald the setting sun.

:: bread made for the first time.  well, the first time by me.  this house is 104 years old.  i dare say it’s seen some rising loaves!

:: Mabel, as she was stepping into the bath, said “every day is something special.”  then as i shared a bit of my orange scented body wash to make bubbles for her, “this is so much better than i was expecting!”

:: the sound of a piano….the newest member of the family!  a sleek, black piano now lives in the dining room.  M picked out “Hot Cross Buns.”  Andy is learning chords.  i can hear Nico just now playing in the dark.

:: we’re getting ready!

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  1. I love your bath time comments Mabel. And I smile at the sight of Nico sitting in the dark playing the piano. Your sleek black piano reminded me of a seal.

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