Susan Cain’s Quiet

i waited weeks and weeks for Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain to be published…and i was sorely disappointed.  it’s not that Cain doesn’t have important things to say.  and it’s not that she’s a bad writer.  still, the book could have used a bit more editorial direction.  it seemed like she couldn’t quite decide what sort of book she wanted to write–was it self-help?  was it for parents or people in business?  so i say skip the book and watch the YouTube video instead!



here is the original essay on parenting an introverted child that made me want to read Susan Cain in the first place.

here’s the NY Times op-ed piece on what Cain calls the New Groupthink that had me chomping at the bit.

and here’s a link to Adam McHugh’s blog called Introverted Church.  the section in Cain’s book where she goes to church with McHugh is the best part of the whole book.  i read McHugh’s book on introverts in the church a few years ago and was disappointed.  do you see a trend here?  maybe my expectations are a bit high?